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Anonymous asked:

You are the sexiest fucking woman I have ever seen in my entire life. May I please be your butt masseur? Or your masseur in general?

I could use a masseur

blastinonyou asked:

absolutely love your blog and would very much like to get to know you. If that's something that interests you please let me know. I understand you get this message a million times a day so no pressure to reply unless you want to.

I don’t private messege people if that’s what youre asking


Anonymous asked:

Okay, so that ass shakin clip you posted is OUTSTANDING. Thank you for sharing it. I hope you post more like it! Can't wait for your next set on SG, too...

I’ll see what I can do :) It’s a very cute set that feels very me


Anonymous asked:

Looooove yer booty shake vid. Only complaint: too short. All things considered, sexy as hell as always, Silvery. ;)

<3 It was just something quick :)



I’m still trying to decide on my first drink for my 21st birthday. I’ve tasted plenty of beers because my dad let’s me have a sip here and there to get a taste for what kind beers I would like.
I’m thinking maybe Blue Moon, Bass, Yuengling Lager, Samuel…

Get a Rocky Mountain Bear Fucker, but dont look it up before. Its a required shot when you become legal drinking age

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